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They put in work from all walks of life. From the Ladies heading to work to the NFL players in the off season.  Mitt Master provides training at all levels.  Make this your personal training studio. Enjoy the video.

Lunch Blitz Special


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Enjoy the fast pace of cardio boxing for lunch.  In and out in under an hour.  Costing $50.00 for up to 8 employees. 

Jr. Mitts

Youth are the best!!  Classes will be from 3:45pm until 4:30pm every Monday & Wednesday.  Please contact us to preorder  your gloves.  $50.00 includes gloves and your child's first class.  Classes there after will be $15.00.  Guardian must accompany their child/children the entire class, No drop offs allowed. Looking forward to meeting you.

Got Questions?

Feel free to call and discuss pricing questions, as everyone is different... We understand

Personal Training

Thank you Carmine Garofalo for believing in my services. You'll, forever, be missed.

Personal Training

Build your personal goals through boxing and authentic training methods 3 days per week.

Price  based on entry level training.  Body assessment may change pricing.

Cost $60.00 (entry level)

This includes cardio, core and boxing.  Learning how to make fitness easier is the best teacher.

263 pounds, GONE!!!

This poundage is divided between 3 individuals. 1 losing 58lbs, 1 losing 100lbs and the 3rd losing 105lbs.  Meet your goals and make a better you.

Carmine Garofalo (left)

Thank you, Carm,  for believing in my services for several years Sir.  You'll, forever, be missed.

                                                      August 15, 1948 - April 14, 2019  (you can go now)

Never give up, inspire others

From that to this.....

About Us

Boxing for Everyone


Mitt Master is geared towards Sharpening your skills in more ways than one.  Increase Cardio levels, strength & conditioning and by scrambling punch numbers, it's food for the brain.

How We Can Help You


Allow us to take you through the Ultimate levels of training, giving you knowledge in Range of motion, Breathing techniques, Ice Therapy and Athletic injury prevention.

See the Difference


Become a better you in all you do .  Remember health and fitness is like a 401k so always pay into it so that when you need it, it's there for you.

Punch Combinations

Ebony showing power, quickness and reaction time.

Menu / Price List

To better serve you, Please be punctual to your appointment

Menu / Price List

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Bonus Training!!! "Faster!"

The Faster Program

I LOVE speed!!! Become faster to make the sport easier.  Every sport requires speed and here is a Mitt Master bonus class.  I've had the pleasure of training regular individuals and making them into state champions and professional athletes in Track & Field.  From the elite Chris Nell's (from age 9 until collegians completion) and the entire Dayton Dunbar HS.  I'll take no seconds in  the field of speed.  Helping youth become college potential and reaching out to universities for a "first look" on what to expect. This is my passion and I take pride in how I train athletes.  Several coaches reach out to me mid season during crunch time and I'll  give quick and simple things that makes a difference.  Having being taught by the best, Steve Price of the Kettering Striders, from childhood to professional sprinter, I took the knowledge in like a sponge.  What good is knowledge if you don't share it?  With this type training we will meet during the evening, by appointment, at the track of your choice.  From starting blocks and explosion off the line in football, you will definitely become FASTER!  Specializing in  400M dash and executing smooth acceleration in the 200M dash.  As for the 100M dash.....the fast become faster through many simple drills just to name a few.  Regardless the sport, if there is running involved you'll get there FASTER! 


10 Sets of this!

It's hard work, but I'm that somebody!

Mitt Master Documentary

Behind the scene and inside the life of the Mitt Master.

What do you fight for? With Patti Zimmer

There comes a time where you have to glove up in life and fight!

click on Track, stretch arms for 50 seconds then....Hang on!

This is a warm up track used for waking up, to be used, muscles.  Try not to dance and turn it up LOUD!!

let loose (mp3)


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